Our wide range of adhesives and stringent environmental standards ensures you will always find the proper type of adhesive for your project with no risk to your health or the planet’s.  These products are what really hold our business together – pun intended.  Our glue has been in bottles around the world for more than 20 years and we are excited to bring you our own line of products with some unique distinctions that our customers appreciate.


JL Super Glue Stick

This is a special formula from JL Enterprises that lets people work on school, craft or office projects with no worries. It goes on smooth, dries fast and won’t damage walls. Non-toxic, acid free and washable makes it ideal for kids to use at school. The stick dispenser is a first for true Super Glue, which ensures an even application without overflow or bubbling.  The solid screw cap keeps the glue protected and ready to use quickly and easily.


New White Glue

Our newly formulated white glue is truly the glue for diverse and delicate craft works.  It is easy to adjust bonding materials before setting extremely strong and totally clear.  Because it is solvent free (and non-toxic) you can use this glue on paper with no threat of wrinkling.  The shear strength of the New White Glue makes it appropriate for use on pottery, wood, cardboard, porous and semi-porous materials as well as all paper and fabric.  All of this and it’s still washable with cold water!


All Purpose White Glue

If you’re focused on bonding pottery, ceramics, leather or fabric – this is the glue for you.  This is the formula in more than 70% of the glue bottles on the planet today and there’s one main reason it’s so popular:  it works!  It works on chairs, plates, stereos and science projects.  Is there someone in your family who’s a little too generous with the Duct Tape?  Introduce this fast fixer and that silver trim on the closet door will be gone.  Solvent-free and can be washed prior to setting.


The Clear Gel Glue

This completely non-toxic and washable glue is a hit with parents and small kids.  It applies very smooth with minimal skill and remains adjustable while setting, before it dries completely clear.  Kids love the choice of colours and moms love that the colour is gone once the glue is dry.  While it’s not as strong as the Super Glue Stick, this product is still perfect for fabrics, papers, light crafts or school projects.  Easy to use caps and bottles ensure that the glue stays where it belongs, no matter how the bottle gets stored.


The Glue Dot

Don’t want to use the white glue for your photos? Just one little glue dot for each corner of the picture and you’ll have a nice secure photo on your wall or album. Acid Free and non toxic. We also have glue dot refills for our 2 glue dot dispensers, so the impact of your expression is on people – not the environment.

Glue Dot Dispenser

Perfect for scrapbooking; just a quick roll and you’ll have glue dots on your paper. Easy, fast and clean. No need to make a mess. Very portable so it’s always ready to use.  Be sure to keep a refill ready as well – so much nicer than a roll of duct tape in your purse!

Glue Dot Press Dispenser

Can our packaging get even better? Well, this is our new dispenser. Just a light press and bam, you have a clean and precise glue dot on your paper. Easy to hold (like a pen) your kids push effortlessly down on the dispenser and it’ll do its job.  Ready, aim, PRESS!

Glue Gel Pen

Check out our new set of cartoon glue gel pens! Great for kids because it’s easy to hold and use. 4 different cartoon versions for you to select from, and they fit perfectly in your (tie-dyed) pencil-case.