Tie-Dye_maskedAt JLE we know that a passion for working creatively with our hands is a hobby that can be started in childhood, and last a lifetime.  It’s our vision to be part of your lifetime of crafting and our selection of essential tools is unmatched in quality and price.  This is part of living out our promise to provide reliable, relevant art supplies and to support our community of creators.  Some examples of our craft tools include:

  • Crayons:  The classic colours in our non-toxic formula.
  • Crayon Sticks:  Smaller artist or bigger project?  Here’s what you need.
  • Oil Pastels:  Deeper, richer colours, with more versatile applications.
  • Tempera Paint:  Radiant colours that are easily washable.  Use with brushes or fingers.
  • Tie Dye:  If you haven’t tried this yet – it could become your new favorite craft.

This is just a sample of the vast array of crafting tools and products we can source.  If you are searching for a specific tool – or simply imagine a product that would be useful in your crafting work – contact us directly.  If it already exists; we can find and deliver it.  If it needs to exist; you might just become a crafter-turned-inventor!  We are able to custom build unique art supply products for our customers.