JellyTown Characters

JellyTown Characters


1) Dog (Inu)

He is the world’s friendliest dog ever. He loves to help and talk to people. He is trying to be an adventurer and share his stories with others. He loves to play with his friend, Cheeseball. He didn’t have hair on his head at first but he loves to eat marshmallows so much that he glued some on his head and his chin. As a result, every Christmas, he is JellyTown’s Santa Claus!


2) Cat (Cheeseball)

Inu’s neighbor. She loves to run around and jump into trees. Her favorite place is her tree-house where no one can reach except her. She can jump and climb up the tree into the tree-house and watch the stars and moon. She does not like water. Inu is such a great swimmer that he teaches her how to swim. In exchange, she will teach Inu how to climb a tree.

3) Giraffe (Spotless)

Spotless the Giraffe, he might be tall, but he was afraid of heights. He wasn’t afraid of heights before. He was a very tiny giraffe. He was too small to eat the fruit up high on the tree, which he thought was the tallest thing in the world. Day after day he looked up at the tree wondering why it was getting shorter. Until one day, he looked down and realized it was his neck which was getting longer! He is the juggler in the wacky circus and also the world’s tallest giraffe.

He didn’t have dots when he was a baby. He felt lonely and sad. Other giraffes would tease him for being a no-dot giraffe. However, his friends came up with an idea! They used JLE tie-dye to make dots on his fur! Now he is a great giraffe.


4) Hippo (Rio the Hippo)

Rio the Hippo is always curious and clumsy. Rio, the real clumsy Hippo. She is friends with Spotless and Choco. She loves to think about colours! Why is this tree green? Why is the sky blue? Wouldn’t it be great if the sky was rainbow color? We need more colours!

She is the circus ballet dancer…under water. Only then can she float gracefully. Also, even though she is clumsy, she loves to balance on things! Especially balls.


5) Coyote (Choco)

Choco is the funny one. He is such a great listener. You keep talking to him, and he’ll look the same. He is very quiet too. Spotless and Rio love playing tag with him because he never moves! He is the champion of the Hold Still Game.

He is actually an alien. His ship landed near JellyTown and the lights, singing and dancing attracted him there. He was hiding behind the bushes scared of talking to people. He wants to be friends with them so he used art, paper and other materials to make himself a costume. So what animal is he? No one knows, he doesn’t speak, but he does enjoy the company of his new friends.


6) Cow (Moo moo)

Moo moo is the sheriff of JellyTown. His job is to make sure everyone is happy. So don’t try to cry behind his back because he will know that you are sad and he will tell you a joke to cheer you up.


7) Bird (Bluebell)

Bluebell, like the name, is like a fairy in JellyTown. She symbolizes harmony and gratitude. There is a saying in Jelly Town that if you sing to the bluebell flowers, fairies will appear and dance with you. Whenever there is singing, bluebell will be there chirping with her beautiful voice.


9) Baby Hippo (Little Po)

He is Rio the Hippo’s little brother. He, just like his sister, loves colour. In Jelly Town, there is The Well of Spectrum; and inside that well the water is full of different colors. Everyday Little Po will secretly step into the well so that he can change his color. Mondays are usually Blue day for this little guy. Tuesday was mix and match day, the head can be pink and the body will be green. Little Po wants everyone to be happy so he believes in the legend of the rainbow. In order to make everyone happy, he decides to change into different colors each day to bring joy and laughter to people.


10) Blue Alien (One Eye)

The aliens are friends with Choco. They heard that Choco’s spaceship landed in JellyTown and decided to save him. They hid their spaceship in a cave and found Choco living in a circus. One Eye is a super smart alien. He is an inventor and a scientist. He wonders why Choco loves this town so much. As a result, he decides to secretly study the town folks. In his experiment, he learns about friendship, creativity and a world outside of science.


11) Purple Alien (Two Eyes)

The big fellow is One Eye’s classmate. He is big, and has a big heart. He loves to sing but is a terrible singer because of his weird shaped tooth. His eyes are as big as a basketball. They are so big that sometimes he will miss a lot of details around him. His mouth is as big as a canoe! He loves to eat fruit because there are so many fruits with different colors. Instead of calling them “apple, oranges, watermelon”, he names the fruit by color. “I want to eat the green plus red plus black dots fruit!” which turns out to be watermelon.