JellyTown Community

JellyTown Community

The JellyTown community has been built to enable greater impact from the creativity of its characters and visitors.  We intend for our community to foster a sense of free-thinking and ingenuity from children.  It’s a place in connection with nature.  JellyTown is a place of peace, imagination, colour, silliness, passion, ideas and no judgment.  Some of the other founding principles of JellyTown are:

  • Creativity:  If it is creative, it is valuable.
  • Inclusivity:  If your creativity involves others and their creativity – even better!
  • Support:  We encourage the creativity of others.  What do you need?
  • Playfulness:  We do all of this because it is fun!
  • Beauty: Rainbows are beautiful.

We hope that you will visit JellyTown and learn more about the fun and creative characters who live here.  There is a Wacky Circus that actually uses the artwork and creativity of JellyTown visitors to provide new acts and performances for the circus characters.  Anything is possible in JellyTown because the characters and visitors are the creators.  It is a world where every child’s art will be welcomed and encouraged. 

We want to help all children have access to creative expression, whether they can reach JellyTown on a computer or not. Organizations that JLE supports:

  • Cuts for Cancer
  • Canadian Red Cross Family Services
  • Various Anti-Bullying campaigns

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If you know about a group of children who don’t have the basic art supplies to bring colour and life to their imaginations; please report them to the Jelly Committee . Get that group of kids JELLIED with the free art supplies they need to turn their ideas into expressions.  And we sure hope to see their artistic expression in JellyTown someday!