Our range of office supplies covers the fundamentals of every professional work space and keeps your supply chain simplified.  Avoid overlapping of purchases and redundant supplies by ordering direct from the manufacturer who stocks the shelves of those big box office supply stores.

If you want a pen with your logo on it, we will do that for you. If you want custom stationary supplies as souvenirs for your clients, that’s fast and easy. Furthermore, the JLE Office supply product line is dedicated to quality and usability of our products. Office supplies are essential and can actually make an impression on employees and clients. Your brand touches more people when the logo is on someone’s “favorite new pen.” Cheaper is not better when it sacrifices quality and functionality. After decades of customer feedback, we know that higher-quality and longer life are the characteristics people seek in the majority of their purchases and office supplies are no different.

Our competition wonders why we don’t encourage higher purchasing with shorter product life-spans.  But at JL Enterprises, loyal customers and positive word of mouth are more important than quick profit.  Our company works to establish long term, trusted relationships with our customers. If you are looking to compare costs directly on your list of repeating office supplies, we are pleased to hear from you and customize a quote.