Inu Craft Kit

Sometimes a little guidance is welcomed by the artist who just needs a nudge of inspiration. Check out our special Inu Craft Kit which includes items similar to the JellyPack Starter Kit as well as a cardboard cut-out designed into the packaging. When your ‘little Picasso’ opens their first art supply kit, it will contain a first art project: bringing Inu to life!

  • Glue: A JLE super glue stick for the stiff cardboard.
  • Crayons: 8-colour pack, non-toxic.
  • Stencil Ruler: Get those perfect lines and base shapes.
  • Scissors: Your imagination is 3D; try it with your art!
  • Shiny/Sticky Paper: Is it tape? Is it paper? Use it as your project requires.

The star of JellyTown is now the lead character in whatever adventure your child can imagine. Use other household recycling (cereal box, milk container) for material to build more characters of JellyTown and maybe even the circus!


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