This is sometimes called “the soft side of our business”; but it sure delivers hard numbers.  For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing some of the most recognizable brands of plush toys, dolls and other products.  Whether it’s the first teddy bear a child ever snuggles or the mascot costume of their college football team – our plush products have travelled the world and continue to make an impact. 

We are especially responsive to customized designs and orders for large corporate events or fundraisers.  Name the animal, or create one.  Name the colors, or create them.  We have the expertise to deliver and the experience to draw from if you need some inspiration.  Those indescribable objects, characters and costumes at festivals like Mardi Gras and Carnival? … yep, we make them.

We are also excited to be exploring new therapeutic designs such as a travelers’ head rest and ergonomic mouse pads.  If you can imagine it – we can manufacture it.  Contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

See a gallery of our plush dolls below!