Factory 6JL Enterprises operates in the industry of creativity and artistic expression; therefore we recognize the importance of being able to accommodate totally unique and innovative design ideas. If you believe you have a totally unique idea for a product or tool – we have the database that will prove it. Not only can you discover if your idea has already been manufactured; you can determine how close other designs come to your vision and potentially save a lot of money by tweaking and adjusting previous designs.

If a custom mold is required; we can design these from scratch on software that integrates seamlessly with our production facilities. While custom designs of totally original products can be costly, we value innovation above all, so we keep the cost minimized at every turn. This is a truly collaborative process where innovation is encouraged at every exchange; so we are not bothered by adjustments or adaptations during the process. You will be delighted by your original creation, which is manufactured to highest quality and protected by strict confidentiality.

Factory 5

Once the mold is made, the full ownership belongs to the client. We will keep it secure, and prevent its further use by competitors. This relationship needs to have 100% trust, as we understand the path to an original creation and mold is costly. Our customers can take the mold anytime and anywhere they want if they wish to compare another factory or if they feel safer keeping it with them.