Environmental Commitment

Factory 9At JL Enterprises we recognize that our business would not exist without a healthy natural environment. Many of the ingredients for our products come from nature and the fuel that drives art itself – Inspiration – is most often found in the beauty of nature. Business and the environment are equally important to us. Environmental awareness and protection measures are applied throughout our production process as well as in the storage, delivery and disposal of our products.

In order to produce less waste, we put the plastic scraps from the previous production run back into our machine to produce more of the same caps and bottles. In order to minimize carbon pollutants from the machines, we often use semi-auto machines operated by hand to fill smaller quantity orders. It is accurate and efficient and we don’t have to run the machinery just to produce a small quantity or sample.

JL Enterprises is proud and excited to announce that we are finalizing our biodegradable packaging! We are pioneering new technology that will not affect the cost or quality of our products, while creating zero waste at the end of a products life-cycle. JLE is leading our industry into green practices that enhance our products while lowering costs and protecting the environment – sounds like good business!