Quality Control

Factory 8A product is nothing if not quality-driven. When a person needs glue; “it’s gotta stick.” At JL Enterprises, we recognize the importance of quality control for all our products. Three generations in this industry have taught us that the quality of our family reputation is directly linked to the quality of our products; and we take it very seriously. Coordinated stages of quality control exist throughout the manufacturing process including a random sampling procedure and routine checks at phase-end.

We closely inspect the raw materials coming into our factories as well as the products going out. Our suppliers have learned that if raw material is sub-standard then it will be sent back to them. Our customers have also learned this, so they can trust that the products under the JLE brand are of the highest quality and also contributing to many people’s work and well-being.

Factory 7

Absolute transparency is a major component of our Quality Control. You can visit us anytime and we are more than happy to give you a tour of our factory and show our investment into equipment, people and facilities. We once had a client who wanted to have their QC representative at our factory daily for the duration of the production cycle. In order to make the representative’s job less stressful from the daily commute, we actually offered him living quarters in one of our employee dormitories. We treat our clients and employees like friends and family.